Contoh Pidato Bahasa Inggris Tema Fast Food Lengkap

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Contoh Pidato Bahasa Inggris Tema Fast

Contoh Pidato Bahasa Inggris Tema Fast Food Lengkap

Contoh Pidato Bahasa Inggris Tema Fast Food – Pidato adalah kegiatan atau tindakan berbicara didepan umum untuk menyatakan pendapat atau memberikan gambaran tentang sesuatu hal. Pidato yang baik dapat memberikan kesan positif bagi orang yang mendengarnya, maka dalam berpidato dibutuhkan kepandaian dalam menyusun kata-kata dan isi supaya dapat diterima dengan baik oleh para pendengar. Namun bila kita diharuskan menyampaikan pidato berbahasa inggris tentu bukanlah hal yang mudah, itu sebabnya kami menyediakan contoh teks atau naskah pidato berbahasa inggris untuk Anda yang membutuhkannya.

Contoh Pidato Bahasa Inggris Tema Fast Food dan Artinya

Contoh Pidato Bahasa Inggris Tema Fast Food – Fast Food atau biasa juga dikenal dengan sebutan junk food adalah jenis makanan cepat saji yang bila dilihat nilai gizinya nyaris tidak ada. Fenomena merebaknya kios-kios dan gerai makanan cepat saji mau tidak mau membuat kita terbiasa dengan hal ini, terlebih anak muda jaman sekarang yang kurang memperhatikan manfaat dari makanan yang di konsumsi, maka pada kesempatan kali ini kami akan sedikit berbagi teks pidato bahasa inggris yang bertema junk food, atau makanan cepat saji. Oke yuk langsung disimak saja contohnya dibawah ini.

Contoh Pidato Bahasa Inggris Tema Fast Food

Assalamualaikum wr. Wb

Good Morning Everybody, how are you today?

First of all, lets pray worship and gratitude to Allah Swt, because of his mercy, we can gather here in this morning without any troubles in good healt condition.

Secondly don’t forget prise sholawat and salam to our propet Muhammas Saw, who  has guided people from darkness to lightness like we feel on this day.

The Honorable Mrs.Tryy as our teacher , and also my beloved Friend in Twelve Science Three (XII IPA 3).

My name is Sri Rahayu.  Thanks for giving me the opportunity to say a few word at this time. In this occasion I’d like to speak about Fast Food:Positive and Negetive.
Ladies and Gentleman, Did you like junk  food? Have you ever eat that more than fiveteen time in a week? So did you know what the junk food is?
Fast food also knownas  junk food is the term for the kind of food that people eat from a restaurant where the foodis prepared and served quickly.
Weel. However we must be loved fast food right? We can get fast food everywhere. Fast food restaurant that provide these types of foods are scattered throughout in the region. Including in the are of shopping center like malls.

You know the restaurant that can provide fast food like junk food?

Lets mention it : KFC, CFC, Hoka-Hoka Bento, Pizza-Hut, Mc Donalld,J-Cool, A.W and the other again.

You like to visit that place right? Maybe with your family, friend, Your Girl Friend or also your Boy Friend isn’t?

Now we talk about the menu’s. I want to ask yo  u, what kindof food you like if you order it?

Maybe Hamburger? French Fries? Sphagetty? Pizza or maybe just soft drink? It’s hear delicious right?
Did you know some of people consider junk food as the dangerous food and other still enjoy consuming this type of food. Althought there are so many debate about advantages and disavantages fast food, the industry is still growing. Does fast food is good or bad for our health? It will be our discussed at this time.

Well, the first positive think of fast food is fast and taste.

The most obvious advantages of fast food is saving time and delicious. In this fast-paced life, there’s no better option other than fast food eventhough there are so many people who recommended the healty food. When someone come home with hunger and tiring because of work, fast food becomes the main choice for them. They do not have time to go to kitchen or shopping to supermarket just to get a various of healthy food. Moreover fast food veritable can be more tasty than the food we made. And we also can get the food without coming to the restaurant, we only called to the restaurandto order the food.

Secound, it’s save coast
It becomes the right choice for those who want to save money such as boarding students. Buying fast food is cheaper than cooking or buying food at the supermarket.

Third, it can be our Healthier Alternative
Moreover, not all fast food is dangerous, there is also a healty fast food, such as : salads,grain bread, lean meats,  low-fat yogurt, fruit cups. However, keep in mind that these healthy choices have the ability to take a wrong turn when paired with unhealthy selections, such as having fried chicken on your whole-wheat bun, or high-sugar candies mixed into your yogurt

Fouth, Children’s Meals
Fast food often seems like a quick solution for families with small children and working parents, but trying to instill healthy eating habits in young lives can be a challenge at fast food chains. Parents also should to balance children’s consume with the healt food.

And the last Positive think from fast food is the advantages for the industy.
If more and more people who likes fast food, so fast food industry will be growing up. And if more and more fast food restaurant builted, it’s mean most people get the jobs.

Not just that, in the other heand fast food or junk food also have the negative side. Fast food actually becoming so dangerous to our healt. What can make fast food has a cheap price? It because fast food made of cheap ingredients such as high fat meat, refined grains, and added sugar and fats.
So the Disavantages of fast food is…

First, it’s added weight high
If you like eating fast food without doing sport practice, so for a week ypur body will gets increasing the unhealty weight body. The fat that you get from consume fast food is not used well by our body if we are not sport. This fat actually saved and [ut in our body.

Secound, make we addiction
Junk food often make we crave. That’s actually not only couse the taste, but also because fast food contains addictive substrate, such as MSG.

Third, it will be cause verry dangerous diseases
Fast Food contain a lot of fat, sugar, oil, calories, and addictive substances such as MSG (Monosodium glutamate), Butylated hydrozyttoluene (BHT, K-nitrit, kalium nitrat and the other again. The frying process can destroy most of the essential nutrients inside the food itself. If fast food is consumed continuously, it will cause very dangerous diseases including heart disease, stroke,  obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and top of that is Cancer.

How terrible right?

And for the last one, make we forget about home cooking.
The tennager in this period creat that eat in fast food restaurand become their “lifestyle”. They prepare to eat at fast food outlets along with their friends, better then eat in their house with their family.

As a result of this pro and cons about fast food, it can be concluded that fast food has its advantages and disadvantages for its consumer. Even if they consume junk food, they must know how much the save standardization to consume fast food and also balance it with eating healthy food so that the negative effect of fast food can be minimalized. Althought fast food considered can save time and money, besides that it is also considered as a cause of health problem and Loosening of family relationships. Therefore, we must be smart in choosing a healthy lifestyle for us.

Oke everyones. Maybe that’s all what i can to tell. Sorry if there some mistke in my word. Thanks you verry much for your attention.

Assalamualaikum wr.wb


Junk food atau makanan cepat saji merupakan salah satu isu kesehatan yang sangat-sangat disorot. Ada banyak keburukan di dalam makanan yang tidak membutuhkan waktu penyajian yang terlalu lama ini. Apa saja dampak buruk dari junk food? Anda bisa membaca teks berikut ini.


Junk food is identical with fast food. This type of food is generally consumed by urban residents who have limited time so that they choose to consume this food that does not need to wait for a long time to eat. Junk food is kind of food that is not advisable to be consumed too often because this type of food is lack of nutritional value but it contains high enough calories, fat, and sugar. Junk food has become part of people’s life in the urban areas that are very busy with the activity of work. Junk food includes a hamburger, hot dogs, French fries, carbonated drink, candy and various types of cake that use an artificial sweetener.

Too often consuming junk food can cause bad impacts for your health. The low nutritional content as well as the high calories conceived by junk food can trigger various diseases. The most possible impact of too much consuming junk food is obesity. Besides, junk food can also increase the risk of diabetes, a heart attack, as well as hypertension.

A study carried out by the University of Minnesota School of Public Health, researched the harmful effects of junk food. This research obtain the conclusion that eating fast food twice or more in a week have the possibility of 27 percent larger to develop diabetes and 56 percent die because of diseases of the heart, compared to participants who seldom or never eat fast food. Even the participants that are known eat fast food four times or more in a week, have the risk of death from a heart attack which increase to 80 percent. Western people are fond of consuming junk food so that their insulin hormone remains high the rest of the day. This case can lead to metabolic processes in the body to be disrupted as well as raising the risk of diabetes type 2.

The women who are pregnant should avoid eating junk food. Eating junk food is not only bad herself but also for the baby. The baby will be so vulnerable to diabetes and hypertension. Besides, a number of studies in china revealed that the rate of breast cancer in the country has increased due to the modern lifestyle that people consume junk food too often.

Furthermore, a research from the University of Adelaide shows that eating full of junk food for children will make their IQ two points lower than a child who does not eat much junk food. Even though the IQ difference is not so subtle, this study proves that children’s way of eating at age of 6 to 24 months give small but significant effects on their IQ when they reach eight years old. Therefore, it is important for parents to consider the long-term impact of food that is given to their children. In addition, some junk foods have the addictive substances as well as containing an artificial sweetener. These substances will make a child become more hyper and easily distracted. This will cause the child, especially a male, to like fighting.

Although junk foods taste good and can be obtained easily and quickly, it has enough risk to health so that you are advised not to consume this kind of food too often. It will be better if we include green vegetables and fruits to consume. A study conducted by the University of Leicester found that green vegetables and fruits are able to reduce the risk of diabetes type 2 until 14 percent.



Junk food identik dengan makanan cepat saji. Makanan jenis ini umumnya dikonsumsi oleh penduduk perkotaan yang memiliki waktu yang terbatas sehingga mereka memilih untuk mengkonsumsi makanan ini yang tidak perlu menunggu waktu yang lama untuk makan. Junk food adalah jenis makanan yang tidak dianjurkan untuk dikonsumsi terlalu sering karena kurangnya nilai gizi tetapi mengandung kalori, lemak, dan gula yang cukup tinggi. Junk food telah menjadi bagian dari kehidupan masyarakat di daerah perkotaan yang sangat sibuk dengan aktivitas pekerjaan. Junk food termasuk hamburger, hot dog, kentang goreng, minuman berkarbonasi, permen dan berbagai jenis kue yang menggunakan pemanis buatan.

Terlalu sering mengkonsumsi junk food bisa menyebabkan dampak buruk bagi kesehatan Anda. Kandungan gizi yang rendah serta kalori tinggi dikandung oleh junk food dapat memicu berbagai penyakit. Yang paling mungkin dari terlalu banyak mengkonsumsi junk food adalah obesitas. Selain itu, junk food juga dapat meningkatkan risiko diabetes, serangan jantung, serta hipertensi.

Sebuah studi yang dilakukan oleh University of Minnesota School of Public Health, meneliti efek berbahaya dari junk food. Penelitian ini memperoleh kesimpulan bahwa makan makanan cepat saji dua kali atau lebih dalam seminggu memiliki kemungkinan 27 persen lebih besar untuk mengembangkan diabetes dan 56 persen meninggal karena penyakit jantung, dibandingkan dengan partisipan yang jarang atau tidak pernah makan makanan cepat saji. Bahkan peserta yang diketahui makan makanan cepat saji empat kali atau lebih dalam seminggu, memiliki risiko kematian akibat serangan jantung yang meningkat menjadi 80 persen. Orang Barat yang gemar mengkonsumsi junk food sehingga hormon insulin tetap tinggi. Kasus ini dapat menyebabkan proses metabolisme dalam tubuh akan terganggu serta meningkatkan risiko diabetes tipe 2.

Para wanita yang sedang hamil harus menghindari makan junk food. Makan junk food tidak hanya buruk dirinya sendiri, tetapi juga untuk bayi. Bayi akan sangat rentan terhadap diabetes dan hipertensi. Selain itu, sejumlah penelitian di Cina menunjukkan bahwa tingkat kanker payudara di negara tersebut telah meningkat karena gaya hidup modern dimana orang mengkonsumsi junk food terlalu sering.

Selain itu, penelitian dari University of Adelaide menunjukkan bahwa makan junk food untuk anak-anak akan membuat IQ mereka dua poin lebih rendah daripada anak yang tidak makan banyak junk food. Meskipun perbedaan IQ tidak begitu tinggi, penelitian ini membuktikan bahwa cara anak-anak makan di usia 6 sampai 24 bulan memberikan efek kecil tapi signifikan terhadap IQ mereka ketika mereka mencapai delapan tahun. Oleh karena itu, penting bagi orang tua untuk mempertimbangkan dampak jangka panjang makanan yang diberikan kepada anak-anak mereka. Selain itu, beberapa makanan junk memiliki zat adiktif serta mengandung pemanis buatan. Zat-zat ini akan membuat anak menjadi lebih hiper dan mudah terganggu. Hal ini akan menyebabkan anak, terutama laki-laki, menyukai perkelahian.

Meskipun makanan cepat saji enak dan dapat diperoleh dengan mudah dan cepat, ia memiliki cukup berisiko bagi kesehatan sehingga Anda disarankan untuk tidak mengkonsumsi jenis makanan tersebut terlalu sering. Akan lebih baik jika kita mengkonsumsi sayuran hijau dan buah-buahan. Sebuah studi yang dilakukan oleh University of Leicester menemukan bahwa sayuran hijau dan buah-buahan dapat mengurangi risiko diabetes tipe 2 hingga 14 persen.



Assalamu’alaikum Wr WbFirst of all , lets say thanks to Alloh Swt , which has given us guidence and blessing to us . Therfore we can gather here without hindrance of any . Our sholawat and greetings are always delieverd on our Great Prophet Muhammad SAW, Which has brought us from darkness to brighter .

Ladies And Gentlemen , In this good chance , i will deliever my speech with title Healthy Lifestyle in Teenager.My Brothers and sisters, We must know that health is not everything but without health , the everything is nothing .

Josh Billings  said, “Health is like money, we never have a true idea of its value until we lose it”

We must think that health is so important, but most of us don’t know how to care our health. Most of people spent more time to make money but they don’t care to their health. There is a quote by Senora Roy: “We lose our health to make money, then lose that money to restore our health. While worrying about future, we forget to live.”

It can be , You spend your time to make a dime. You lose your health to make your wealth, but at the end it is funny because you leave all your money behind. How poor they are…., 🙂

Well, ladies and gentlemen . . . .

Health is one of the graces of God that we need to take care of and we have to grateful for every day. Health is important for all of us without exception. It is good for young people and adults because it is important to maintain their health.Health should be the priority of every human being .

A good health , phsyical or mental will make everyone can do thier daily activity well . But as a teenager , most of us don’t care about our health . The boys smoke, drink alcohol , and the worst are consuming drugs . Altough we know that all of it bring bad effect on us , we eliminate it . We prefer to be famous with the wrong way and finally , they destroy themselves from the inside .

Ladies and gentlemen,

With the development of the times, most people forget to exercise.  This is because they are busy with their respective activities. Young people nowadays tend to prefer playing games in front of their computers rather than choose to exercise.Today not a few of young people who abuse the use of narcotics and other additives substances as a breakout which of course it brought a complex impact. As an example of its effects include behavioral changes, health problems, decreased work productivity drastically.

So, let’s start a healthier lifestyle from now with a pattern of healthy living for ourselves first.  Changing patterns of life is indeed not easy, but healthy is cheaper than the ill that we already know if treatment costs nowadays is not cheap.

Remember,, Prevention is better than cure.Ladies And Gentlemen….Having a healthy and fit body is the desire of every person but many people are too busy working so forget about his health. Actually, to get the body healthy and fit is not difficult and does not have to be expensive. Here are some tips For Always Healthy And Fit Body:

1. Do exercise regularly. It aims to maintain the condition of the body to keep healthy and fit.

2. Avoid fast food and alcoholic beverages .

3. Eat nutritious foods. Eating fibrous foods each day, such as fruits, vegetables and nuts are also a way of keeping the immune system that could be done. Fibrous foods have a function to keep the body against invading bacteria in the digestive system.

4. Don’t smoke .

5. Avoid sitting for too long because it can make your body become tired quickly

From the above tips there are two things that are most important, that is, consuming fruits and vegetables and avoid sitting too long.  Because one of the triggers that cause the emergence of deadly diseases such as cancer and heart in fact resulting from the habit of sitting You are too long.  To compensate for this, experts recommend that always eat healthy foods like green vegetables and fruits.  And don’t forget not to smoke because it’s very bad for your health of your body.

So keep your body healthy , keep your food healthy, keep your environment healthy, keep your soul and mind healthy and I hope we can be better generation forever .

Okay , Ladies And Gentlemen

Thats all for my speech , thank you so much for your nice attention , i hope my speech will be useful in our life .

Wassalamu’alaikum Wr Wb


The Unhealthy Fast Food

Fast food, nowadays, is considered as a normal eating venture. People are not just eating out on special occasions or weekends anymore. It means that all the time they mostly eat fast foods. However is fast food good for health?

Fast food has its popularity in the 1940’s. Within a few years, fast-food operations popped up everywhere. With the compelling rise in fast-food restaurants since the 1940’s, oddly it started the rise in obesity and cancer during that same time period.

Fast food is highly processed with a wide array of additives. To ensure fast food’s low cost, the fast food products are made with highly-processed ingredients to give it shelf-life, to hold consistency, and to enhance flavor. Fast food is altered from its original healthy form.

It is not the calories in fast food which damage health and waistline. It is the chemical additives such as aspartame and MSG (monosodium glutamate). Studies show that the chemical additives lead to weight and disease issues.

Beginilah seks anda akan bertahan 3 jam! Baca disini

Rasa sakit di sendi akan hilang sekali dan untuk selamanya
So, there is absolutely nothing nutritional about fast food. Fast food simply feeds hunger and craving.


Makanan Cepat Saji yang Tidak Sehat

Makanan cepat saji saat ini dianggap sebagai kegiatan makan yang biasa. Orang-orang tidak hanya makan makanan cepat saji pada acara-acara khusus atau akhir pekan lagi. Hal tersebut berarti bahwa sepanjang waktu mereka kebanyakan makan makanan cepat saji. Namun apakah makanan cepat saji baik untuk kesehatan?

Makanan cepat saji memiliki popularitasnya di tahun 1940-an. Dalam beberapa tahun, operasi makanan cepat saji muncul di mana-mana. Dengan kenaikan yang cepat di restoran cepat saji sejak 1940-an, anehnya itu lah mulanya kenaikan obesitas dan kanker pada periode waktu yang sama.

Makanan cepat saji diproses secara cepat dengan beragam aditif. Untuk memastikan makanan cepat saji murah, produk-produk makanan cepat saji yang dibuat dengan bahan yang diproses dengan cepat untuk memberikan cita rasa, konsistensi rasa, dan untuk meningkatkan rasa. Makanan cepat saji diubah dari bentuk aslinya yang sehat.

Bukanlah kalori dalam makanan cepat saji yang merusak kesehatan dan menyebabkan obesitas. melainkan bahan kimia tambahan seperti aspartam dan MSG ( monosodium glutamat ). Studi menunjukkan bahwa bahan kimia tambahan mengakibatkan masalah berat badan dan penyakit.

Jadi, sama sekali tidak ada gizi yang terkandung dalam makanan cepat saji. Makanan cepat saji hanya memuaskan rasa lapar dan kebutuhan.

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